Gutters: Copper


For the discerning home owner or for restoration projects, Storm Master offers copper gutters in a half-round design. Copper provides a roof drainage system that stands out in terms of its unique, top quality material and functionality. Excellence and exquisite quality are the hallmark of a gutter system made of copper. Properly installed, most copper gutters can last a homeowner’s lifetime, providing they are maintained properly. They are very durable and will not corrode as fast as aluminum and after time will turn a beautiful green patina color.

Our process for preventing leaks in copper gutter systems: Because of the properties of copper, seamless installations are not possible. At Storm Master, we solder each seam and end cap to ensure they will not leak or fail. Don’t fall for installers that use putty to seal seams in copper gutters! Soldering is the only way to ensure life-long leak free operation of gutters made of copper. Storm Master will install the copper gutters using decorative copper hangers screwed into the fascia boards to support the system.